Our spirit of excellence stands out in the way of working, at all levels and in all geographical areas. Every collection and every frame are the results of an ongoing process which combines dedication, innovation, and individuality with the latest technology and master craftsmanship. We are open-minded towards new ideas and ways of viewing, different models and cultures, to continuously better and maximize the company’s potential in increasingly competitive global markets. Our long-term strategy is to continue to enlarge in the retail sectors by growing its various businesses, whether naturally or through possession. Zoubi Shop will continue to concentrate on the following strategic ideas: vertical integration, design, and technological innovation, brand envelope management, market enlargement, financial regulation and encouragement of talented and involved employees.

Building a strong bond that creates enduring relationships with consumers is vital to sustain their business in the future. In this direction, we continue to invest in strengthening and balancing our portfolio with the accession of new brands and the inclusion of new licensing contract, to continually attract a wide range of consumers around the world with different trends and lifestyles. We are committed to maintaining and strengthening its position in the markets in which it operates. It trunks from an idea of universal trading, visible to everyone, that assumes a substantial form in the search for equality between well-being, respect for the environment, morality, and the transparency of relations.

It also focuses on evaluating opportunities to further penetrate the emerging markets, a key driver of its long-term growth strategy. We aim at increasing its market expansion through stronger retail distribution while consolidating its wholesale network and further growing its presence in department stores. We believe in acceptable means securing the company’s long-term success while at the same time ensuring the atmosphere for future generations.

Our actions are results-focused. This action allows us to reliable our newer generation. It also creates a sound premise for the social capability of the company and the foundation. We act accountable in the interest of our company, even taking the social and ecological impact of our actions into consideration. We communicate essential company matters in a timely and open fashion.

Zoubi Shop is the best foundation for a relationship built on trust. We deal fairly with our members and business partners and view this honesty as a cornerstone of our corporate success. We assure only what we can deliver, accept agreements as binding, and respect and observe the law in all our business transactions. We cherish and encourage diversity for the enrichment it brings, and see it as essential for our success. Prevention and investigation measures including the control principle, job rotation in sensitive areas, as well as regular observation,  are designed to support our values-based compliance system.

We also have a mandatory compliance training program for our associates. Also, we have established a “Compliance Dialogue,” which allows compliance-related topics and experience to discussed among our executives, associates, and compliance officers.